William Hirst (Author, William's Words in Science)

I have one major advantage as the author of a general science book - I have experience and qualifications from most areas of Science! My research career has been focused on using physical methods to study the chemicals that are found in cells. As an undergraduate, I studied some of the factors affecting the separation of bacterial proteins and then used radio-active cholesterol to estimate the reabsorption of bile salts in humans. I graduated with a degree in Biochemistry and immediately started work both on developing methods for isolating parts of a virus and obtaining a post-graduate degree in Biophysics and Bio-engineering. My work moved on to isolating DNA from chromosomes, and led to the publication of a dozen research papers and the award of a Doctor of Philosophy degree. I moved into industry for about five years, developing new methods and instruments for the pharmaceutical industry. Twenty years ago, I started teaching secondary science, specialising in developing schemes of work and assessment protocols for science at Key Stage 3. A spark was struck when I was studying for a MA in Education - a part of the course was concerned with the learning of speech and reading abilities in young children - that spark was treating Science as a foreign language and eventually led to the publication of William's Words in Science.

Qualifications: BSc (Biochemistry), MSc (Biophysics & Bio-engineering), MA (Education), PhD (Zone centrifugation and the separation of DNA fragments)

Sally I Hirst (Editor)

A first degree that involved biochemistry and microbiology gave a broad base that led to a research post in the Division of Parasitology at the National Institute for Medical Research at Mill Hill. The birth of our first son, followed by our other two children, meant that paid work was left behind for almost ten years. Twenty years ago, I started work as Assistant Editor on a specialised review journal, Trends in Biochemical Sciences. A few years later, I became Assistant Editor on Parasitology Today (now known as Trends in Parasitology) and was promoted to be Editor - a post that I have held for over ten years. In this environment, the language of science is an evolving phenomenon - a forum for great debates.

Jean Vincent (Illustration)

Born in Cambridge, trained in Bingley (a lovely town in West Yorkshire) then returned to Cambridge to work in design / print studios. After a few years looking after my two boys, my husband and myself opened a craft shop then decided to concentrate on our own creations - I became Victoria Sponge, the artist / illustrator and my husband began creating animals in ceramics. I have illustrated several children’s stories, had solo exhibitions and produce cards for all occasions.


Robert Sheppard (Web design)

As a web designer I provide solutions for a wide range of clients. I am always seeking to expand my client-base and love what I do. I have a passion for taking my clients' needs and ideas to the next stage using the web; with design flair and technical know-how. Feel free to contact me with any web design/cd-rom/flash requirements.


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